Getting started on this week’s game on Friday night… The first week was already going to be a little funky because I’d need to get a few pre-requisite things done:

  • Decide on a framework and language
  • Get an app built with said framework and language
  • Try to templatize that app a little to make starting fresh each week easier

The first few weeks are going to have a lot more engine development than later weeks as well, since I will be starting from scratch (aside from what SDL gives me, that is) in that regard. So I’m thinking the first week is actually going to end up being 1.5 weeks.

Tonight (and well into the wee hours of the morning) I did a bit of research and eliminated the go-lang option as it still can’t be built to iOS as far as I can tell. I’ve settled on SDL for sure, and got a templatizable Xcode project started which is building to the Simulator. I found this video quite helpful in that endeavor. I started a github repo for the whole challenge and put tonight’s progress in there.

Tomorrow I’ll need to do a bit more reading about doing Lua bindings, and experiment a bit with that and think about how/if I want to design the engine with respect to that. I’d really much rather be writing game logic in Lua than C++ for a myriad of reasons not the least of which being that Lua is just so much easier to write quickly. Engine work will probably still be in C++ (or even C, for that matter), but I want to spend time really thinking about the separation of concerns and where it makes sense to do the binding between the two.

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